9 Surprising Benefits of Being Outdoors

surprising benefits of being outdoors

Have you found yourself called to spend more time in nature this year? The CoVid-19 pandemic seems to have brought us outdoors in droves as we seek the benefits of being outdoors. Part of this trend has been driven by safety: we feel less exposed to pathogens when we’re al fresco, compared with being cooped up indoors. We’re also craving a sense of space and freedom, when many of our personal liberties have been taken away, in an attempt to slow the virus’s spread. With gyms and yoga studios closed, we turned to outdoor workouts to stay fit and sane.

12 Savvy Tips for Choosing a Yoga Teacher Training

12 Tips for Choosing a Yoga Teacher Training

If you’ve started shopping around for a yoga teacher training, you’ve already noticed the enormous range of styles, schools and content out there. A yoga instructor certification course is a considerable investment of your time and financial resources. You’ll want to choose carefully and deliberately.

The Fascinating Science of Meditation – Part 3: Types of Meditation

science of meditation part 3

In this article about the science of meditation, we explain the different types of meditation. Some have evolved over thousands of years, and others are more modern creations. We also offer you a starting point to help you choose from the many different styles of practice. There is no “best” type of meditation, but there is likely one that best suits you, today.