The Path to Fulfillment

A detailed exploration of foundational alignment and breath in deep backbends to achieve both postural advancement and a more profound psychic experience in meditation.
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Are you aware you may be cutting corners in an attempt to accelerate your progress in yoga? This could be making it more difficult to reach your goals. Skipping steps without mastering the elemental basics, and working with them regularly, might be undermining your attempts at progressing. When we take the time to develop a strong understanding and proficiency in the foundational components of practice, they become a launchpad from which we can leap into the world of advanced experience.

Whether your goal is to attain a confident sense of mastery with an advanced posture or take delight in a sublime experience of meditation, discipline will support your efforts to go further on your journey as you travel the path of excellence.

You’ll learn, step-by-step, key sequencing and postural techniques that will help you earn a personal experience of fulfillment.

Advanced backbends require intelligent coordination and management of our mental and physical abilities. We’ll create a disciplined balance between the dimensions of desire, mobility, and stability, that rewards you with safe passage into the realm of advanced practice.

  • An informative lecture
  • Warm-up & conditioning exercises
  • Intelligent guidance & exploration of advanced backbends
  • Techniques to collect & direct the emboldened pranic energy for a gratifying meditation experience

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