January 2 2021

Creating Clarity

New Year's Virtual Yoga Retreat

We'll Usher in a Bright New Year Together

While gathering in Bali is challenging at the moment, we are thrilled to connect with you in a live, virtual format! In this half-day online retreat, Zuna Yoga founders Katherine & Everett will guide you through an effective and enjoyable process to inspire you and focus your energies on envisioning your most beautiful future. Join us for a soulful Online Community Gathering to welcome the start of a fresh new year together.

Fresh Perspective

As this extraordinary year comes to a close, we invite you to reflect on the recent changes in your life. A break from our usual patterns can offer a fresh perspective on how we want our futures to look. How can we embody the principles and values that will allow the brightest vision of our future to unfold?

Define Your Vision

Many of our routines have been disrupted: our professional, social, health, family, and certainly travel habits have been redefined. Where have you felt a shift? Did you find a sense of ease there, or did you meet change with resistance? Where are things working well, and where might you need to take a different approach?


Enlisting the tools of yoga we’ll clarify our dreams for the future, create a fertile garden within the body and mind to plant the seeds of our most important intentions. Together we’ll set a course heading for a fulfilling new year. 

Who is this retreat for?

Everyone! Any age, any yoga ability. 

Zuna grads and new students can connect with fellow yogis from around the world.

This Retreat Includes

  • Opening & Intention setting
  • Zuna Yoga Master Class including Asana & Meditation
  • Mini-lectures
  • Guided writing exercises
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Q&A


5 Hours of live streaming activities

What You’ll Need

  • A quiet, private space to practice
  • Zoom, your preferred device, and a good internet connection
  • A notebook or journal and pen
  • Yoga mat & props for a comfortable meditation seat
  • Comfortable yoga clothes 
  • Water, tea & snacks

When is it?

This retreat will be offered live in a single 5 hour time block, at two separate times to accommodate different time zones.

Saturday Jan 2: 5pm – 10pm ET (NYC)


Sunday Jan 3: 8am – 1pm GMT (London)

* Duration: 5 hours, with plenty of breaks *

$75.00 USD


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