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Everett first discovered meditation in 1982 and has continued exploring various techniques and styles for the past 40 years. Having struggled in his own practice in the early years of his studies stirred his curiosity as to why something seemingly so simple was proving to be so very difficult. Through his investigations including a great deal of trial and error, Everett landed on a formula for success with meditation that is very universal and can be applied to almost any form of meditation. 

Like planting a garden we must prepare the soil before planting any seeds. Developing a rich and stable environment for nature’s creative action is vital to our gardens success.
And so it is with all things in our life.

Creating a proper foundation in meditation is the key to finding depth and receiving the maximum benefits from its practice while minimizing the obstacles. Most importantly, taking a little time to create this foundation can very quickly transform a commonly difficult learning experience into something magical.”

In the last 15 years, Everett has refined his “Foundations of Meditation” method and has shared it with thousands of students and friends in both group and private settings, with tremendous results. He currently shares his knowledge and experience at yoga and meditation teacher trainings in Bali, and now also online with guided private sessions. Students appreciate his passionate belief in the power of practice, and the poetry of his delivery.

If you’re interested in getting assistance for your own meditation practice, whether you’re just getting started or want to go deeper, we offer two different packages of 3 or 6 sessions. Meditation privates require a minimum of three sessions and have proven to be very successful in getting even beginners into a comfortably rewarding meditation practice.

How to Choose Your Package

We recommend booking a series of privates, whether the sessions are completed in 3 weeks, 6 weeks or 9.  We’ll meet for an hour once a week, to help you develop a regular practice and the confidence to practice on your own. Single sessions are also possible for those who have minor, specific concerns to address.

When you book a bundle of 3 or more sessions, the first session is 90 minutes (bonus 30 minutes) 


  1. Book your session using the button below (make a payment and select an available time in the scheduling app)
  2. You’ll receive a confirmation and a link to the intake form
  3. Complete the form at least 1 day before our first session
  4. Cancellations or postponements must be received no later than 24 hours before our scheduled session

$375 for 3 sessions (save $75)

$750 for 6 sessions
(buy 5 sessions, get the 6th free)

Not sure what you need?
Book your first private as a single session, and we can advise on the best program for you.
Single session costs can be applied to bundle pricing if you decide to upgrade.

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