Franziska Priemer

ERYT200 / RYT500
zuna yoga teacher training staff Franzi

Becoming a Zuna Yoga® teacher was a life changing experience. I am thrilled to be part of a program that encourages students to discover their true self, to recognize the voice of their intuition, and to live without the clutter of doubts or fears.

New Classes

Zuna Mini
Hip Conditioning for Backbends
A practice combining conditioning exercises with PNF stretches to prepare the lower body for stronger and deeper backbends
Zuna Mini
Shoulder Conditioning for Backbends
A practice utilizing discipline to build awareness, strength and mobility of the shoulders to safely deepen advanced backbends
Master Class
Joyful Practice
An extended hatha vinyasa practice to cultivate enthusiasm and joy in daily practice


Franzi grew up in Germany, where she enjoyed a classical education, studying piano, flute and ballet.

After high school, she traveled to Italy to work and be immersed in the language and culture. Returning to Germany to pursue a teaching degree, she graduated summa cum laude from the University of Kassel and started teaching in primary school in 2008.

Indonesia was calling Franzi in 2013. She became captivated by the magic of yoga after taking a Zuna Yoga® class with Katherine on Gili Air.

She returned home and began to informally teach yoga and meditation to her school kids, realizing the great impact a holistic Yoga practice can have on the individual body and spirit.

Franzi took a leap of faith to leave her job and home in 2015 with the goal of traveling, getting deeper into the practice of yoga, and finally finding her purpose.

She knew she wanted to kick off her experience abroad with a 200 hour teacher training with Zuna Yoga® in Bali, which confirmed she was on the right path.

After traveling extensively through Australia and SE Asia, Franzi finally moved to Bali to enjoy a simple lifestyle, dedicated to a holistic Yoga practice and connecting with like minded people. Franzi now lives in Ubud with her young son Ruben and dog Scruffy and facilitates Zuna Yoga® events.

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