Rebecca Klewstigh

Yoga Alliance ERYT-500 / YACEP
Lead Trainer
Rebecca Klewstigh - Zuna Yoga Staff

Yoga came into my life when my thirst for knowledge and truth could not be satisfied by books, articles or research papers. The questions I was asking, about myself, the world and the reality of life, remained mostly unanswered until I found Zuna Yoga. Through consistent practice I have learned to connect to the ‘inner net’ – the space where my innate wisdom, intuition and insight becomes available to download. Yoga and especially meditation have profoundly changed my life.”

New Classes

The Art of Letting Go
Release and surrender through attentiveness of breath and mindful introspection to uncover the true nature of existence
Episode 6 - Reflect, Release & Remember
In this episode, Everett and Becca are discussing the three aspects of Reflect, Release & Remember: how they relate to yogic philosophy and why taking a personal inventory is essential to create a fulfilling life of purpose, insight and contentment.
Hatha Vinyasa
Foundation of Being
A practice focused on awakening the lower body to strengthen and nurture our earthly connection
Hatha Vinyasa
Soulful Radiance
Build and direct the inner fire to burn away accumulated debris and ignite the radiant expression of soul
Master Class
The Beauty of Balance
Conscious and patient coordination of breath, body and intention in moments of challenge offers us the opportunity to experience the beauty of balance
Attitude of Balance
Restore homeostasis and equipoise in body and mind through deep relaxation, rhythmic breathing and peaceful intention
Zuna Mini
Cohesive State of Balance
A shorter practice to awaken and coordinate our facilities to express a state of balance
Hatha Vinyasa
Find Your Balance
A delightfully vigorous practice that delivers you into a tranquil state of expansion
Episode 5 - Balance vs Force
Gratification doesn't come only after achieving our desires. The process of learning and growing should be fun and satisfying. Balance vs Force is our own concept to explain this and share some important ideas to apply it better in your life.
Awakening Awareness
A rejuvenating practice musing the sensations of breath to explore and expand the moment-to-moment experience of peace


Growing up in Sweden, Rebecca first discovered the healing art of yoga as a teenager. Yoga became her daily sanctuary as she began searching for deeper meaning and purpose beyond social conditioning. After years of climbing the ladders in finance, Rebecca moved to Hawaii to continue her university studies in Communications. Always an avid traveler, she crossed paths with Zuna Yoga on a surfing trip to Lombok in 2015. Rebecca was immediately drawn to the integration of modern science, ancient tradition and direct experience, combined to empower the students with tangible life skills. She enrolled in a 500 hour Zuna Yoga teacher training and found her true calling.Since then, she has shared the Zuna Yoga method across Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and Australia with the intention of bringing the benefits of yoga to people from all walks of life. She has completed more than 1000 hours of yoga teacher training with Zuna Yoga and considers herself a lifelong student of yoga and tantra. Rebecca became a part of the Zuna Yoga team in 2017, facilitating teacher trainings and leading SUP Yoga YTT’s. She is also certified Personal Trainer and Dive Master. After deepening her studies in high performance coaching, functional movement and exercise science while earning a Diploma in Sport Development, Rebecca is thrilled to be back in Bali to help others realize and embody their true nature.

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