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Katherine Girling


Holistic Coaching

expert guidance for mind, body and soul

Katherine is an educator with a passion for science, business, communication, movement and human potential. She has a Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering, a Masters in Environmental Engineering and nearly 20 years experience in the corporate world. She is fluent in English, German and French.

Katherine’s expertise is founded in an intensive study of Languages, Psychology, Yoga, Meditation, Philosophy, Anatomy and Personal Development. She has decades of experience working and living abroad, including starting her own company. She has practiced a variety of energetic arts for over thirty years, and has been teaching yoga and meditation full time since co-founding Zuna Yoga® in Bali in 2013.  She is the Director and Master Trainer at Zuna Yoga®, leading 200 and 300 hour yoga and meditation teacher trainings.

Katherine’s strength as a coach and teacher lies in her ability to merge the practical and the inspirational; the scientific and the magical; the intellectual and the intuitive. She can be of service to anyone looking for guidance on the following topics or life challenges:

  • Expert guidance through a variety of practices
  • Creating a personal yoga and/or meditation practice
  • Developing a holistic yogic lifestyle
  • Working with physical limitations (injuries, disabilities, illness)
  • Support and coaching during challenging life situations and changes

How to Choose Your Package

We recommend booking a series of privates (3, 6 or 9). We’ll meet for an hour weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, depending on your specific goals and life situation. Sessions are on Zoom and can include guided practice, discussion, or both. To maintain motivation and accountability, we will recommend practices and other self-guided assignments for you to complete between sessions.Single sessions are also possible for those who have minor, specific concerns to address.

When you book a bundle of 3 or more sessions, the first session is 90 minutes (bonus 30 minutes) 


  1. Book your session using the button below (make a payment and select an available time in the scheduling app)
  2. You’ll receive a confirmation and a link to the intake form
  3. Complete the form at least 1 day before our first session
  4. Cancellations or postponements must be received no later than 24 hours before our scheduled session
$150 for a single session

$375 for 3 sessions
(save $75)

$750 for 6 sessions
(buy 5 sessions, get the 6th free)

Not sure what you need?
Book your first private as a single session, and we can advise on the best program for you.
Single session costs can be applied to bundle pricing if you decide to upgrade.

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