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Bali Yoga Teacher Training in Indonesia

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Embark on a transformative journey with our Yoga Teacher Training Indonesia, where the fusion of traditional wisdom and contemporary knowledge in psychology, neuroscience, medicine, anatomy, and physiology redefines the modern essence of Yoga. Discover firsthand why our Bali yoga teacher training unveils the measurable effectiveness of this ancient practice.


Are you ready to turn your dreams into a living adventure? Join us for a Bali yoga teacher Training in Indonesia for a deep dive into the art and science of yoga as you discover yourself, one breath at a time. Whether you’re interested in learning how to teach yoga or deepening your practice, you’ll find our courses empowering and inspiring.


Our Bali yoga teacher training programs are designed and facilitated by Master Teachers with decades of experience to consistently ensure the highest standard of education. As a fully accredited Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School (RYS), we offer a comprehensive range of yoga certification options for students of all levels.

Zuna Yoga®
Bali YOGA Teacher Training in Indonesia

Students from around the globe come to Bali to share in a vibrant community that is supportive, curious, and soulful. The “yoga bubble” we create together during the immersion-style retreat is unique and truly life-changing. Our graduates speak to this profound sense of belonging, an experience guided by our culture of truth, courage and love.


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Why Do a Zuna Yoga Teacher Training

Get Strong & Energized

Balanced Holistic Health

Let Yoga become a sustainable source of well being in your life. Improve your coordination and flexibility. Gain strength and endurance as you develop your sense of body awareness and renew your appreciation for your own physical form. Conscious breath, physical postures, and meditation are powerful tools to transform your body, relieve pain, and leave you feeling calm, alert and vibrant. In this Bali yoga teacher training you’ll learn how these practices affect the health of your biological structures on every level. Yoga and meditation help us feel better, live better, and live longer.

Learn to Thrive

Superfood for Mind, Body & Soul

Students leave our Bali yoga teacher trainings feeling not only more confident and empowered, but also more deeply connected with themselves and others. Embarking on a Zuna Yoga® Teacher Training can reignite the spark within and renew faith in your own intuition and purpose.  Let go of anxiety, fear and loneliness to become the best version of yourself. This is a peak experience that opens up your mind to new horizons and possibilities. Recognize and embrace what makes you unique, and live the life of joy, inspiration and creativity you deserve.

Know More - Be More

Build a Solid Foundation In Yoga

Are you ready to uplevel your practice? This is your opportunity to advance from superficial knowledge to a deeper understanding of theory and practice in yoga and meditation. Improve your alignment and gain access to more advanced poses and other essential skills. You’ll learn the how’s and why’s behind poses, sequencing and meditation. Our courses take you far beyond the physical practice, into energetics, the subtle body, meditation, and real-life applications of ancient philosophy. Our Bali yoga teacher training will provide you with a wealth of resources to satiate your quest for excellence on all levels: physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Lead with Confidence

Learn How to Share Your Passion

Teaching yoga is an act of service, where you can find deep connection and be a positive force in your community. Many important skills are needed to be a great yoga teacher, such as technical competence, leadership, public speaking, emotional connection, and intuition. Teaching yoga and meditation requires not only an intellectual understanding, but also an embodied experience. You’ll get both at our immersive courses, as well as a globally recognized teaching certification. When you’ve completed this Bali yoga teacher training with Zuna Yoga® you’ll be effectively prepared to step confidently into the role of teacher and guide.

Internationally Recognized

Yoga Certification Courses

Creative Curriculum
Modern Learning Methodology

Everyone learns in different ways. We offer diverse brain-compatible learning formats to help you absorb the vast amount of material we’ll share. This is a very interactive and hands on Bali yoga teacher training. You’ll have the opportunity to work in both small and large groups, learning, sharing and growing together.

Accelerated Learning
Intensive Yoga Teacher Training

Go beyond books and immerse yourself in a deeply transformative, experiential journey. Separate yourself from your daily routine to focus on your learning process, and get the most out of your time with us. Be surrounded by like-minded, dedicated students with a thirst for learning and growth.

Experienced Staff
Professional Facilitation

We are industry professionals with decades of combined experience as yoga teacher trainers and business owners. You are in good hands with us, from the customer service you receive during the application and registration process, through your training, and beyond. We offer consistently reliable and well-rounded support.

Level 1

Whether you want to deepen your knowledge of yoga and meditation, or you’re seeking a globally recognized yoga instructor certification, this Bali yoga teacher training is creatively designed to provide you the best education and deepest experience on every level.

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Level 2

This course is a rich tapestry of mental, physical and spiritual empowerment techniques designed to help you thrive personally and professionally. We apply the tools of timeless tradition, exploring what the sages of Yoga have defined as the foundation of fulfilment.

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300 hour
Meditation Teacher Training

Level 2

A methodically planned course that’s all about meditation. You’ll achieve depth in its practice as well as learn to teach it with confidence. Accredited by Yoga Alliance as a 300 hour yoga teacher training, this course is an exciting alternative path for those seeking a 500 RYT certification.

500 hour
Yoga Teacher Training

Level 1 + 2

For motivated students who want to experience the boldest magic of our Bali yoga teacher training immersions, we offer a “zero to 500 hour” intensive yoga teacher training, with back-to-back 200 and 300 hour courses. This is challenging path that comes with great reward.

10th Anniversary Special: UP TO $2,500 – first 10 sign ups!


island of the gods

Bali Yoga Teacher Training Abroad

A Spiritual Adventure

When you embark on this exciting journey, you’ll definitely want to spend time investigating Bali, the world-renowned “Island of the Gods.” Bali boasts varied landscapes of hills and mountains, rugged coastlines and sandy beaches, and lush rice terraces. As the only Hindu state in Indonesia, Bali’s culture is colorful, deeply spiritual and certainly unique. With great outdoor adventure activities and a range of cultural, historical and archaeological attractions, this is consistently one of the world’s most popular and award-winning island destinations. A Bali yoga teacher training can offer many life changing and educational experiences beyond just the yoga.  

Our Bali YTT Destinations

Experience the Magic


Ubud means Medicine. Treasured for its legendary healing energy, mountain scenery, cultural events, healthy food, and a peaceful lifestyle.


A funky beach town with a cool, alternative current that attracts yogis and surfers from around the world with its laid-back vibe and world-class break.


Unspoiled natural beauty in Northwest Bali, with a tranquil oceanside atmosphere and mountain backdrop. Home to Bali’s best snorkeling and diving.

Mar 16 – Apr 6, 2024

200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training

Jun 3 – 24, 2024

200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training

Jul 1 – 29, 2024

300 Hr Yoga Teacher Training

Sep 6 – 27, 2024

200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training

Oct, 2024 (TBA)

300 Hr Meditation Training

Nov, 2024 (TBA)

200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training

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MAR 16 – APR 6 2024

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