Private Yoga Sessions

Let us help you find the way to your brightest self.

Individualized: private sessions allow you to set actionable, personal goals based on your current life situation. Whether you are dealing with an injury or illness, lacking confidence, have tons of questions, or just want to take practice deeper, private sessions are designed specifically for you and your emotional, mental and physical needs. In contrast to a group setting, we can work specifically on your personal challenges and goals. 

Efficacy – In a private session, we tailor the practices for your current body/mind and troubleshoot any misalignment. If you have pre-existing medical conditions, we can discuss which poses and techniques to avoid, as well as what could help alleviate your symptoms.

Convenience – practice with us online, on your schedule, from the comfort of your home. All you need is an undisturbed space, fast wifi, Zoom, a mat and props. In-person sessions are available for Bali residents and visitors.

Focused Attention – In a private session, you can ask as many questions as you like. We’ll freely share our knowledge and experience with you, and you’ll get our focused attention and energy. You’ll experience positive shifts and breakthroughs far quicker than if you only practice in a group setting.

Session Replays – Included in the price is a video (audio for meditation)  recording of our sessions together so that you can continue practicing whenever you like.

Common Goals for Private Sessions
  • Get Inspired
  • Starting a meditation practice
  • Progressing in your meditation practice
  • Advancement  in your physical practice
  • Build a sustainable, integral home practice based on your needs and schedule
  • Enjoying expert guidance in being led through yoga, meditation, pranayama and yoga nidraa

Experience - Expertise

Our teachers have decades of experience in practice, teaching, training, business and yoga studio management. Our mission is to empower you by sharing our knowledge fully, without reserve. Instructors from richly diverse backgrounds, highly educated and competent in their fields of expertise.

Picture for Katherine Girling Bio at Zuna Yoga

Katherine Girling

Co-Founder - Master Trainer

Private Session Specialty
Holistic Coaching
Picture for Everett Newell Bio at Zuna Yoga

Everett Newell

Co-Founder - Master Trainer

Private Session Specialty
Meditation Coaching
Zuna Yoga teacher Daniel Novoa

Daniel Novoa

Lead Trainer

Private Session Specialty
Advanced Asana




MAR 16 – APR 6 2024

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