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300 Hour MTT Bali Indonesia

Yoga Alliance Approved

Science & Spirit

This meditation teacher training in Bali course is a balance of scientific inquiry and spiritual experience. Modern medicine and psychology underpin the magical benefits of meditation. An extensive body of research validates many of the claims of ancient tradition, said to be a result of a regular and systematic practice of meditation: peace, transcendence, empathy, connectivity, intuition, creativity and awe.

Evolve & Expand

Meditation is a highly effective technique for awakening the human psyche to the realms of wellbeing and creativity. It’s humanity’s secret ingredient to happiness, peace, healthy relationships, emotional management, cognitive and immune function, physical health and stress reduction. You’ll create a solid practice and learn to teach meditation in a rewarding immersive format.

Mindful & Masterful

This program is intelligently designed and mindfully facilitated by seasoned meditation teachers with science backgrounds. The curriculum is the culmination of our decades of experience, ensuring the highest standard of education. After completing this 300 hour meditation teacher training, you’ll have a globally recognized certification as a meditation teacher.

Hear first hand from our students about their experiences at our meditation teacher training,  how deep the immersion allowed them to go, and how the community of meditators become their family away from home. Lead Facilitator Katherine shares the intention behind this course and the amazing benefits of meditation in this video.

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What You'll Get at Your Meditation Teacher Training

Learn the method

Success in meditation not only depends on the method practiced but also in understanding and managing the obstacles to its success. We share with you many simple yet highly effective techniques and tools to make meditation more accessible and enjoyable. You’ll gain comfort and confidence in the important foundational elements of: mindfulness, concentration, your meditation seat, the nervous system, and a calm, patient breath. You’ll also learn a variety of meditation techniques and supporting philosophy from different traditions while using wearable devices to provide biofeedback on their efficacy.

Finding depth
Experience the Magic

This meditation teacher training is offered as an immersion retreat, an exceptional opportunity for uninterrupted, focused practice to take you deep. Three guided meditation sessions daily combined with periods of silence and journaling allow space for the treasured insights that arise from meditation to blossom. You’ll refine your ability to mindfully perceive not only yourself, but also the world around you, with increasing sensitivity. These insights help you create relationships with your truest self and more authentic productive relationships based on clarity and understanding.

Lead with Authenticity

The Zuna Yoga® meditation teacher training is a journey of embodied experience, a necessity for leading others from a place of truth and confidence. We can only authentically impart to others what we truly know. A remarkable highlight of this course is a structured three day silent period during the final week, where you’ll use what you’ve learned to create a powerful personal experience. You’ll refine your ability to mindfully perceive not only yourself with increasing sensitivity, but also the world around you. This is the foundation from which to lead and share in group classes, private sessions, corporate programs and workshops, as well as other ways to serve your community as a leader.

Yoga Alliance Certified

Meditation Course Details

Effective learning

We’ll introduce you to measurably effective meditation and deep relaxation techniques. Our intelligent system has been refined to simplify and expedite the attainment of a profound meditation experience. This meditation teacher training includes guided asana and meditation sessions, lecture, practica, embodiment exercises, dyads, group work, and plenty of practice teaching to find your your voice, confidence and joy as an instructor.

Life changing

Modern psychology and neuroscience tell us that much of how we perceive life is not due to what we experience in the external world, but rather how we interpret these events through the lens of the mind. If the mind is the curator of life’s experience, meditation is a way to train the mind to manage and organize these experiences, to become the best version of ourselves. This allows us to create the best relationship with the life we are living.

Career opportunity

Meditation is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. Yoga studios are offering more meditation classes, dedicated meditation studios popping up everywhere, and companies are more frequently providing mindfulness and meditation programs as a staff perk. Developing your skills as a Meditation and Yoga Nidra teacher helps you diversify your opportunities while expanding the menu of rich, meaningful content.

Yoga Alliance® Certification

This meditation teacher training course is accredited by Yoga Alliance as an advanced 300 hour yoga teacher certification program.  If you’re seeking advanced certification (500 RYT) this course will get you there. According to Yoga Alliance® standards, the RYT 500® certification requires completing a 200 hour yoga teacher training course, and a 300 hour yoga teacher training course by an accredited RYS® (like Zuna Yoga®) and logging 100 hours of classroom teaching. The courses can be completed in any order.

integrate the Yamas


  • Benefits of meditation for the various systems of the body. Includes the respiratory,  endocrine and musculoskeletal systems with a strong focus on the nervous system as a key to holistic health and depth in meditation practice.

Breath is understood traditionally as a quintessential element of practice. Meditation breathing techniques are powerful tools assisting control of nervous system to improve overall wellbeing. Understanding the relationship between meditation and breath to embody relaxation is key to learning effective meditation.

This meditation teacher training will offer an Introduction to various traditions of meditation, including Advaita Vedanta, Sri Vidya, Classical Yoga, Hatha, Tantra, Buddhism, and Taoism.

The concepts Prana, Chakras and Koshas create a tangible model for us to understand how we systematically ascend the ladder of the mind. Consciously directing the flow of energy through the body and mind is the secret to transformative meditation practice.

A comfortable meditation seat can be the practitioner’s greatest ally. We will thoroughly investigate key seated postures and variations, troubleshooting common difficulties and addressing physical limitations and the effective use of props. 

You’ll learn different types of meditation techniques such as:

  • Mindfulness
  • Concentration
  • Visualization meditation
  • Kriya meditation
  • Breathing meditation
  • Chakra meditation
  • Body scan meditation
  • Contemplation
  • Mantra
  • Moving meditation

We provide HRV monitoring technology so you can see the effects of practice in real time. Scientifically oriented students love this part of our offering. HRV monitors help you understand when you have achieved both deep relaxation and a meditative state. 

Yoga Nidra is a systematic method of deep relaxation, clinically proven to be an excellent tool for stress reduction. It is also used as a gateway into deep states of meditation and consciousness. We’ll teach you how it works and introduce you to how use it. There will be ample time dedicated to its practice and as well, to refine your own personal delivery. Yoga Nidra is an essential tool for an advanced yoga or meditation teacher.

To assist in the embodiment of meditation experience, you’ll observe silence for the first few waking hours of each day. An additional highlight of our meditation teacher training is an extended 3 day silent period during the final week, where you’ll use what you’ve learned to create a powerful experience, leading you to the treasure of meditative insights.  Most students consider this period one of the true highlights of the meditation teacher training. Ready your journal as this is where the flood gates of mediation insight can open wide.

You will learn simple, effective ways to prepare the body, steady the breath, and calm the mind to make your meditation experience pleasant and joyful. Preparatory classes include asana (postures), pranayama (breathing methods), and bandha (energy locks).

Gain a better understanding of your patterns, habits and beliefs of self-expression and communication. You’ll hone your delivery and gain increased authenticity, trust and personal empowerment as a meditation teacher.

You will get ample opportunity to lead meditation and yoga nidra, affording you the chance to receive feedback and refine your skills in delivering a well prepared and meaningful session. Formats for this meditation teacher training include dyads, small groups, and taking the seat in front of the entire class.

Working with students in private sessions allows you to tailor your delivery to their specific needs. This not only amplifies the impact and benefits of what you share, but also gives you a rewarding source of additional income as a teacher and business owner.

Using our collective creativity, we’ll develop new and innovative ideas of how to serve our communities through inspired meditation classes, workshops and programs.  This fun, enriching group exercise allows you to integrate the concepts you’ve learned at this course with your personal experience and unique voice. 

300 HOUR MTT Daily Schedule

Typical 300H MTT Training Day

A typical day in your meditation teacher training begins with a sunrise practice. It’s a powerful time of day to set intentions and experience the power of movement, breath and guided meditation.

After practice you’ll enjoy a healthy breakfast in silent reflection. Then we reconvene for morning lecture. Students break for lunch and leisure then meet again for lecture, workshops or teaching practice. We finish the day around 7pm with short asana and a joyful evening meditation. There is one full day off per week.

This course includes extended periods of silence, including a full three day silent experience.

6:00 - 8:45 Master Class
8:45 - 9:45 Breakfast
9:45 - 12:45 Lecture
12:45 - 14:00 Lunch
14:00 - 15:45 Lecture - Practicum
15:45 - 16:15 Fruit Snack - Break
16:15 - 18:15 Workshop
18:30 - 18:45 Meditation
18:45 - 19:45 Dinner

Reading Assignments​

300h MTT required material

Students are required to complete daily reflection and reading assignments as well as a book report fo the required book listed below. You’ll need to demonstrate understanding of the content we cover and offer personal reflection on the relevant concepts. Once all book reports and class assignments have been completed and reviewed,  Zuna Yoga® will issue a certificate of completion for your meditation teacher training. You’ll then be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as an RYT500.

The Mind Illuminated by John Yates

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Are you ready?

MeditationTeacher Training Intensive

This meditation teacher training is not only for aspiring teachers, but also for curious, passionate individuals who want to strengthen their knowledge, and practice of meditation.

This meditation teacher training is complementary to the course material and experience we offer in our 200 hour and 300 hour yoga certification courses. This meditation certification course is for dedicated, disciplined yogis and meditators who are ready to dive into intensive and structured daily meditation practice. 

The best way to prepare for your meditation training is to keep practicing meditation!  Develop as regular practice as you can.  We recommend at least 10 min daily three times a week. Try different styles and different teachers, at your local studio or online. Practice mindfully with compassion. You’re maybe just getting started so be kind to yourself and aim for gradual progress to avoid frustration.

  • Digital detox is highly recommended. 
  • We recommend an open mind, and a willingness to go deep.
  • Asana at this course is deliberately simple. 
  • We will be observing daily periods of silence as well as an extended three day silent experience.
  • It is not necessary to have completed a prior course with us, but some experience in meditation is highly recommended.


If you have a regular yoga practice, you may be more ready than you think. We welcome participants with a solid foundation in the basics of mediation.


Yes! Participation in our meditation teacher training does not require a prior YTT certification. Some of our students will have already completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training, while for others this will be their first Yoga Alliance accredited course. For those interested in becoming certified, know that you can complete the 200 and 300 hour courses in any order.

Meditation is a key element of all Zuna Yoga® trainings. Our 200 hour YTT grads will already have all the experience they need to succeed at our meditation teacher training. However, it is not necessary to have completed a prior course with us. Some experience in meditation is required – a regular practice of a few months minimum, so you are already comfortable with sitting and maintaining focus fro extended periods.

The main difference between our Meditation Teacher Training and the advanced 300 hour yoga teacher training is the asana component. In the meditation training, we practice simple asana (in addition to specific breathing techniques, bandha, and mudra) as a preparation for deeper states of meditation. The focus is much more on practicing and getting comfortable sharing a variety of meditation and relaxation techniques. In the 300 hour Yoga TT, there is greater attention to physical postures, from beginner to advanced, and sequencing for physical and energetic peak poses.

Many of our students enroll in our 500 hour or “Zero to 500” training, to complete all of their training hours with us back to back. It’s a challenging yet rewarding option, and ideal if you can take two months away from your busy life. Completing both the 200 and 300 hour teacher trainings with the same school ensures both consistency and depth. The meditation teacher training is a wonderful complement to your 200 hour training, offering valuable additions to your personal and professional toolkit.

You will experience first-hand the many proven benefits of regular practice during your meditation teacher training. There are too many to create a complete list, but here are a few highlights:

Physical: Pain management, improved sleep and immune function, cardiovascular health, longevity

Emotional: Improves self-esteem; raises capacity for compassion and connection; lowers depression, anxiety, and stress

Cognitive: Improves learning, memory, focus, attention, creativity, problem solving

Meditation has so many positive effects on body, mind and spirit that carry over to all aspects of life.

Yoga (asana) practices are simple and suitable for all levels. Maturity and stillness are keys to success, rather than just physical fitness. This meditation teacher training is for dedicated students who are ready to dive into intensive, structured daily meditation practice and longer seated sessions.

Zuna Yoga’s teachings and philosophy draw primarily from traditional Tantric, Hatha and buddhist texts and teachings. At this meditation teacher training, you’ll be guided through a variety of meditation techniques including

– Mindfulness
– Concentration
– Contemplation
– Visualization
– Kriya
– Breath-centered meditation
– Chakra meditation
– Body scan
– Mantra
– Walking meditation

Different people respond to different styles, and having a diverse toolkit is essential to find your best practice and serve your students.

Yes! Seated meditation requires stillness, but our bodies need regular movement throughout the day as well. We start our day at meditation teacher training with a simple 90 minute guided asana practice. During lunchtime, you can swim laps or do you own workout. You’ll have regular opportunities to move around and stretch between lectures. There is a second asana session in the late afternoon before our final evening meditation.


Oct 3 – 31, 2024
Sep 30 – Oct 28, 2025


The cost of Course Tuition and Accommodation are shown separately, allowing you to see exactly what you’re paying for.
The full cost of the course is tuition + your choice of accommodations (including meals and airport transfer).


Meditation teacher training course tuition includes all classes, course material and all course activities, use of biofeedback equipment, a 300+ page manual, a welcome gift, unlimited filtered water, fresh coffee & herbal teas, and light afternoon snack.

Early bird: $3,600 USD (3 months prior)

Standard Price: $4,200 USD​


We highly recommend choosing the all-inclusive accommodation option for your mediation teacher training. This peaceful venue is designed and operated to make your training comfortable and convenient, while keeping you nourished with delectable, freshly prepared, healthy meals so you can focus on the learning. Our retreat centers offer us substantial group discounts that we pass on to you for the best value. A variety of room types is available for all budgets. Round trip group airport transfer is included in your accommodation package.

How to apply

The first step in booking your Meditation Training in Bali is to fill out the online application form. Once your application is accepted, you can make a deposit of $750 to secure your spot. The remaining balance is due 60 days before the start of your program. Early bird discounts are offered to students who pay in full 3 months before the program begins.

* To ensure the highest quality experience for all participants, acceptance into all Zuna Yoga programs is by application only.* Explore our meditation teacher training Bali program today.

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