How to Be Better, Not Just Feel Better

how to be better

By Autumn Leppert, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Graduate on How to Be Better A Diffident Young Adult Drained. The blaring sounds of the repetitive alarm awoke me from my deep slumber on a frigid December morning. Groggy and benumbed, I felt the repercussions of my long night of drowning myself in alcohol. I had […]

Heart Yoga: 2 Important Reasons to Practice

heart yoga

by Katherine Girling, ERYT 500 It’s Valentine’s day! An abundance of heart-shaped imagery is all around us, so we’d like to talk about heart yoga as it relates to our favorite subject. The human being is said to have three hearts. One is physical, and can be dissected by a surgeon’s knife. The psychic heart is […]

Awaken Through 2023: An Easy How to Guide

300 hour yoga teacher training Yoga Alliance certified course by Zuna Yoga

By Katherine Girling, ERYT 500 Namaste, yogis! This blog will discuss the differences between Abundance VS. Non-attachment and how we should change our perception of where we put our attention in order to awaken through 2023. Human Nature The holidays are a wonderful opportunity to appreciate our communities of family and friends, and truly experience […]

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