The Science of Meditation: Part 5

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“Undisturbed calmness of mind is attained by cultivating friendliness toward the happy, compassion for the unhappy, delight in the virtuous, and indifference toward the wicked.” – Patanjali In our last post on the science of meditation, we presented different techniques for meditation and described the stages of going deeper. The spectrum of practices ranges from […]

The Science of Meditation: Part 4


Table of Contents The Stages of Meditation Finding depth in meditation The Journey inward The process of moving inward Integration of mindfulness and concentration Sinking deeper into the experience Finding Depth In Meditation In our last article, we touched upon the different types of meditation commonly encountered today. We’ll now share with you the important difference between […]

Your Brain on Yoga: 3 Astonishing Psychological Effects

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By a Zuna Yoga Graduate The Simple Reality It occurred to me recently that yoga can be seen as a drug, and your brain on yoga can be synchronous to that feeling. Quite simple, really. A drug is “a substance that has a physiological effect when introduced into the body.” Replace the word “substance” with […]

Transformation of Yoga: The Unparalleled History

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By Katherine Girling, 500 ERYT Transformation of Yoga: Ancient Teachings and Practices We were visiting Washington, DC with the primary goal of taking in ‘Yoga: The Art of Transformation’ at the Sackler Gallery. The exhibition features over 130 objects of yogic art from 25 museums and private collections in the U.S, Europe and India. Since […]

The Fascinating Science of Meditation – Part 3: Types of Meditation

science of meditation part 3

In this article about the science of meditation, we explain the different types of meditation. Some have evolved over thousands of years, and others are more modern creations. We also offer you a starting point to help you choose from the many different styles of practice. There is no “best” type of meditation, but there is likely one that best suits you, today.

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