How to Be Better, Not Just Feel Better

how to be better

By Autumn Leppert, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Graduate on How to Be Better A Diffident Young Adult Drained. The blaring sounds of the repetitive alarm awoke me from my deep slumber on a frigid December morning. Groggy and benumbed, I felt the repercussions of my long night of drowning myself in alcohol. I had […]

Integrate The Yamas in 2023, Forget Resolutions Now

transformation of yoga

By: Katherine Girling, ERYT500 Zuna Yoga Happy New Year! It is time to integrate the Yamas of Yoga into your daily lives. “The idea of a yoga practice is really not just to focus and be aware and mindful and calm for the time that we’re on the mat, but to carry this state of being […]

The Fascinating Science of Meditation – Part 3: Types of Meditation

science of meditation part 3

In this article about the science of meditation, we explain the different types of meditation. Some have evolved over thousands of years, and others are more modern creations. We also offer you a starting point to help you choose from the many different styles of practice. There is no “best” type of meditation, but there is likely one that best suits you, today.

The Fascinating Science of Meditation – Part 1

The Science of Meditation part 1

The popularity of yoga and meditation in Western culture has touched nearly every social and professional group. This has brought forth an interest that is beginning to bridge the gap between seance and science. It has created a modern yogi who is beginning to stand on the legs of scientific rigor.

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