An Inspiring Yoga Teacher Training in Bali: 6 Step Preparation Guide

teacher training in Bali

by Guest Blogger, Samantha Smith (200 hour Yoga Teacher Trainee) The Beginning This blog is an excerpt from my journal as I was planning my journey and entry into Bali and Zuna Yoga life. Zuna Yoga Teacher Training in Bali has ultimately changed the way I live for the better. I cannot compare this training […]

How to Be Better, Not Just Feel Better

how to be better

By Autumn Leppert, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Graduate on How to Be Better A Diffident Young Adult Drained. The blaring sounds of the repetitive alarm awoke me from my deep slumber on a frigid December morning. Groggy and benumbed, I felt the repercussions of my long night of drowning myself in alcohol. I had […]

Yoga Teacher Training: The Most Important Thing I Learned

yoga teacher training

Upon telling friends, family, and acquaintances that I was traveling halfway across the world to take an intensive yoga teacher training with Zuna Yoga in Cambodia, their reactions inevitably felt like a game of 20 questions. How long have you been practicing yoga? Why do you have to go so far to get your teacher […]

12 Savvy Tips for Choosing a Yoga Teacher Training

12 Tips for your YTT

If you’ve started shopping around for a yoga teacher training, you’ve already noticed the enormous range of styles, schools and content out there. A yoga instructor certification course is a considerable investment of your time and financial resources. You’ll want to choose carefully and deliberately.

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