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How Zuna Yoga® can serve you?

Zuna Yoga® is a systematic approach that intelligently combines the powerful wisdom of yoga and meditation traditions with the rich spectrum of modern science. Our method delivers an unparalleled experience of personal understanding and development.

Here are some of the many benefits of a Zuna Yoga® practice you can experience when you practice with us online:

  • Graceful expression of strength
  • Coordination & balance
  • Calm through nervous system down-regulation
  • Courage & confidence
  • Compassion & connection
  • Creativity & inspiration
  • Vision & access to inner wisdom

Our core philosophy is drawn from the traditions of Hatha Yoga and Tantra. We are non-dogmatic, non-hierarchical, and non-religious. Zuna Yoga® is primarily focused on self development and personal empowerment.

We believe that within each and every one of us lives the truest source of wisdom we are all seeking. Our aim is to awaken others to this inner knowing and tap into the wisdom, courage and strength it offers.

Our Facilitators

Picture for Katherine Girling Bio at Zuna Yoga

Katherine Girling

Director - Master Trainer

Picture for Everett Newell Bio at Zuna Yoga

Everett Newell

Founder - Master Trainer

Rebecca Klewstigh - Zuna Yoga Staff

Rebecca Klewstigh

Lead Trainer

Our teachers have decades of experience in practice, teaching, training, business and yoga studio management. Our mission is to empower you by sharing our knowledge fully, without reserve.

Instructors from richly diverse backgrounds, highly educated and competent in their fields of expertise. All Zuna Yoga® facilitators are graduates of our training programs.

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Our courses are highly experiential and thoughtfully tailored to provide you with the best education and the deepest experience possible on every level.

Whether you want to learn to teach and share the yoga that you love, or deeply recharge yourself after a year of change and uncertainty, our programs are unmatched in delivering a richness of understanding. You’ll develop a new appreciation of your own abilities that will sustain your inspiration and growth for years to come.

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