Yogic Breathing – Part 1​

yogic breathing part 1

Disturbances to the mind are reflected in the quality our breathing patterns.  This is one of the basic and important understandings of yogic breathing.  What is actually quite beautiful is that the sages have given us a variety of tools to manage and even eliminate these disturbance by simply regulating the quality of our breath.  We don’t have to wrestle with the mind it will usually just fall into a peaceful state when the breath takes the center stage of our focus and we manage it peacefully.

Learn to Thrive

Learn to Thrive with Zuna Yoga

Life is full of big decisions: education, career, finance, family, where to live … with virtually an infinite number of choices to explore, how do we confidently know what choices will lead us toward meaningful reward? Is purpose something we just randomly decide, or is there a luminous dimension of authentic individuality waiting to shine and be shared?

The Fascinating Science of Meditation – Part 1

The Science of Meditation part 1

The popularity of yoga and meditation in Western culture has touched nearly every social and professional group. This has brought forth an interest that is beginning to bridge the gap between seance and science. It has created a modern yogi who is beginning to stand on the legs of scientific rigor.