9 Surprising Benefits of Being Outdoors

surprising benefits of being outdoors

Have you found yourself called to spend more time in nature this year? The CoVid-19 pandemic seems to have brought us outdoors in droves as we seek the benefits of being outdoors. Part of this trend has been driven by safety: we feel less exposed to pathogens when we’re al fresco, compared with being cooped up indoors. We’re also craving a sense of space and freedom, when many of our personal liberties have been taken away, in an attempt to slow the virus’s spread. With gyms and yoga studios closed, we turned to outdoor workouts to stay fit and sane.

Learn to Thrive

Learn to Thrive with Zuna Yoga

Life is full of big decisions: education, career, finance, family, where to live … with virtually an infinite number of choices to explore, how do we confidently know what choices will lead us toward meaningful reward? Is purpose something we just randomly decide, or is there a luminous dimension of authentic individuality waiting to shine and be shared?

The Power of Ritual

the power of ritual

This year I’ve had the opportunity to start fresh no less than three times. The first attempt was on New Years Day, January 1st in Charlotte NC, my home at the time. In March I was in Bali for their New Year’s Celebration. And this past weekend marked the beginning of the Songkran New Year festival in Thailand, where Zuna Yoga is currently on location. All of these celebrations were marked by very diverse rituals