Embrace Tranquility: Your Journey Begins Here

H2 DiscoverZY 1

by Sammy Garrett, Zuna Yoga 200 hour yoga teacher training graduate If you are passionate about yoga and dream of becoming a yoga teacher, then Bali is the perfect destination for you. With its beautiful beaches, lush vegetation, and spiritual atmosphere, Bali provides an idyllic setting for intensive yoga teacher training programs. One reputable school that offers […]

The Path of Yoga: A Blissful Dance Between Souls (200 HR)

the path of yoga part 4

by Sammy Garrett, Zuna Yoga 200 hour yoga teacher training graduate The Path of Yoga Teacher Training As the soon-to-be Zuna Yoga graduates near the end of the 200 hour yoga instructor certification course, there is a sense of excitement and anticipation in the air. Each of us is overwhelmed with the sheer amount of knowledge and yogic wisdom which […]

An Impressive Alumni Story: 200 Hour Zuna Yoga

Anne Wu

“An alumni story to remember.“ We reconnected with Zuna Yoga graduate, Anne Wu, to hear her successful alumni story about finding yoga, what motivated her to do a Bali yoga teacher training, and how she incorporates what she learned during her time with us in her personal and professional life. What Are You Like Outside […]

An Inspiring Yoga Teacher Training in Bali: 6 Step Preparation Guide

teacher training in Bali

by Guest Blogger, Samantha Smith (200 hour Yoga Teacher Trainee) The Beginning This blog is an excerpt from my journal as I was planning my journey and entry into Bali and Zuna Yoga life. Zuna Yoga Teacher Training in Bali has ultimately changed the way I live for the better. I cannot compare this training […]

How to Be Better, Not Just Feel Better

how to be better

By Autumn Leppert, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Graduate on How to Be Better A Diffident Young Adult Drained. The blaring sounds of the repetitive alarm awoke me from my deep slumber on a frigid December morning. Groggy and benumbed, I felt the repercussions of my long night of drowning myself in alcohol. I had […]

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