Common Yoga Injuries and Prevention

Common Yoga Injuries and Prevention

The physical practice of yoga is low-impact and therefore relatively low-risk. With conscientious and ability-appropriate practice, the risk can remain small. However, like any other form of exercise, injury is possible and in fact, too frequent. So it’s important to be aware of common yoga injuries and prevention, as students and teachers.

Yoga Teacher Training: The Most Important Thing I Learned

yoga teacher training

Upon telling friends, family, and acquaintances that I was traveling halfway across the world to take an intensive yoga teacher training with Zuna Yoga in Cambodia, their reactions inevitably felt like a game of 20 questions. How long have you been practicing yoga? Why do you have to go so far to get your teacher […]

4 Proven Ways Yoga Helps to Heal Lower Back Pain

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The search to heal lower back pain is one of the most common reasons people seek medical attention – in fact, up to 80% of individuals suffer from it at some point. Back pain, whether acute or chronic, can be extremely debilitating. It can interfere with our sleep, our work, and our day-to-day activities. The […]

Dispelling the Darkness: A Profound Yoga Teacher Training Experience

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It was a very auspicious beginning to my 300 hour yoga teacher training here on the beautiful island of Gili Meno a school of about 50 dolphins on the boat crossing from Bali, a full moon (plus lunar eclipse) on first night of training, and beautiful island to call my home.