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Life is full of big decisions: education, career, finance, family, where to live … with virtually an infinite number of choices to explore, how do we confidently know what choices will lead us toward meaningful reward and learn to thrive? Is purpose something we just randomly decide, or is there a luminous dimension of authentic individuality waiting to shine and be shared? If there is purpose to our existence, how do we find it and effectively integrate it into our lives? 

Even as a child, I pondered the importance of these elusive life questions. Through the years that followed I found myself questioning whether it was even possible to create a recipe for authentic happiness, let alone be sustained beyond the fleeting moments of triumph we experience as we pass by the obvious landmarks of professional and financial success.

For years I struggled with many attempts at creating a satisfying foothold in various careers and relationships, none of which led me to true fulfillment. Then something shifted. I stumbled upon a philosophy and system of practice that lead to me to the answers I’d been searching for. It was a slow and methodical turning point that transformed a seemingly random, circumstantial life into a masterful experience of authentic joy and purpose. 

This began to fluidly integrate into nearly all my thought and decision processes. And then there was an awakening. Like experiencing the glorious dance of colorful morning light as the sun auspiciously begins to rise, I felt the the blossoming of fulfillment as I realized I was actually living a beautiful and purposeful life. It felt authentically organic. My life, relationships, career, everything, were being experienced on a level I had never known before. The events of my life were no longer a collage of random experiences, but were now more like the elegant brush stokes of a on the canvas of life.

For the first time, I felt joyously driven and in command of my life. It was as if the voices of truth that belonged to the saints and sages of tradition were guiding me. Yoga is not only a discipline to teach us how to transcend suffering, but most importantly a science that teaches us how to thrive. I had deciphered a modern interpretation of a deep and meaningful promise of yoga and I knew it needed to be shared. 

There is so much more to yoga than simple postural perfection. The postures, methods of breathing, meditation and contemplations are like the threads of a fabric. When woven together with intelligent structure, they create an experience far greater than the sum of their individual parts. I made note of what had transpired, and continued to refine my knowledge of the practices and their supporting philosophy that led me to my own realization. Over the next few years, I assembled what I had learned into a concise recipe of tradition and science. This was the birth of Zuna Yoga, and I have been dedicated to sharing its spiritual alchemy with others ever since.

In the years to follow, I’ve seen many students pass through our yoga teacher trainings. I’ve never experienced anything more fulfilling than being witness to their dedication for inspired conscious living, and seeing that dedication rewarded as they reveal their own authentic voice and vision. The testimonials we receive that speak to the discoveries made while attending this program fill me with hope that it is possible for us to share in a world where we can all thrive, powered by authenticity. 

Managing the growing list of life’s choices requires us to be more informed and deliberate when choosing a course heading for our journey so we may arrive at a destination of happiness and fulfillment that is equal to the desire for it to be realized. Awakening the wisdom and the will to authentically thrive in the modern world is the purpose of what WE share.

Come join us and be inspired to THRIVE.

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